For many of you have known "Poma" for a while now, others will be discovering her.

I'm passionate about colours.

They fascinate me.


While painting or drawing, a world of shades appears before me

almost as if I was not the one guiding my hand.

Even I, will be surprised by the result sometimes!


Some artists will call it inspiration.

I have a hard time defining the process

What I can say for sure is that it comes from deep within...


Acrylic, I find most thrilling colorwise and texturewise

These days, I enjoy the exploration....


The painter who influenced me the most is certainely Salvador Dali.

We live in a real environment.

Why not paint the "unreal" ?

One might think that he seemed to live in the unreal much more than reality but...

An excentric character who claimed himself to be crazy is inspiring to me since I, myself, claims to be a bit antisocial...


To what category of painters do I belong?

I don't know and I don't really care.

Let's say that my style is "Poma's" style!


Courses would do wonders for me, I know...

Daniel: The day will come shortly.


Finally, on this site, you'll find my work evoluting at the same pace as I...